Democratic deconsolidation revisited: Young Europeans are not dissatisfied with democracy
Research & Politics
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How Many People Live in Political Bubbles on Social Media? Evidence from Linked Survey and Twitter Data
with Gregory Eady, Jonathan Nagler, Andrew Guess, and Joshua Tucker
Sage Open
Summaries: Pacific Standard, Main chart
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The Happiness Gap in Eastern Europe
with Simeon Djankov and Elena Nikolova
Journal of Comparative Economics
Summary: Financial Times blog. Ungated pre-print: SSRN.
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Working papers

Learning About Income Inequality: What is the Impact of Information on Preferences for Redistribution?
Ungated pdf: SSRN
Press reactions: The Economist, Bloomberg.

Non-peer reviewed research: economic policy

Higher Wages for Low-Income Workers Lead to Higher Productivity
with Justin Wolfers
Reproduced in Newsweek
Press reactions: The Atlantic, Vox, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg.

Reducing Government Debt Ratios in an Era of Low Growth
with Paolo Mauro. Peterson Institute Policy Brief.
Press reactions: Wall Street Journal.

Fiscal Tightening and Economic Growth
with Paolo Mauro, Peterson Institute Policy Brief